About us

Nerds. Sailors. Dog-parents.

We’re Joe and Bree. Two nerds nerding out about Dungeons & Dragons, movies, and Keto recipes. 

And planning our dreams of sailing the high seas!

“I didn’t know when Joe  joined my D&D group that the love of my life had just walked into the game shop. But as soon as he let me drive (and crash) his sailboat on our first date: I knew he was the one.  I’m so in love with this charming pirate and all our nerd adventures!” – Bree

“I sweet talked her into coming out for a sail, and she agreed to come back again. Now, after pirates, shipwrecks, Jedi, and concussions, she’s still here. I don’t think she knows how much better she can do, and I’m grateful for every day that she still doesn’t realize it.” – Joe

Joe the Fantastic

aka “Joe”


Joe Vance is a sarcastic Dungeon Master hailed by his D&D groups as “capricious creative … an easy-going Dungeon God.” Joe is a sexy crafter of worlds and genius character design and has collaborated with the Faerun Orchestra, gold dragon Ensemble, the howl werewolf! Festival, and was the 2020 prizewinner of the CIV VI Competition for Prince-Difficulty Cloud Games. When Joe is not being a very busy and sought after sailor, Joe can be found video-gaming, movie-watching, or stylishly cooking in his rocking galley.

  • Easy Going
  • Skeptical
  • Cook
  • Nerd

Breezy the Great

aka “Bree”

Bree Vance is: Avid travel geek. Bacon critic. Coffee practitioner. Creator. Webaholic. Harry Potter fanatic. Zombie advocate. She enjoys reading, adult colouring books and lexical ambiguity. She has a severe addiction to scary stories and a bit of a math phobia. 

Bree loves camping,  sailing, and dressing up for Renaissance Festivals. When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, Bree enjoys playing her characters out of the Monster Manual.  She loves doggos and Halloween parties, as well as painting D&D minis and sewing new costumes.

  • Creative
  • Lover of Doggos
  • Sensitive
  • Nerd

Our Adventures

Check out photos of our latest and greatest adventures!

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