Bring me that horizon

First Mate Bree

Eulalia finally returns to the bay after being stuck in the slip since July 2019 when we broke her.

Captain Joe and crew get their sea legs back after a over a year of land-lubbering on a gorgeous winter day!

I was nervous that we wouldn’t remember how to sail, but we took to it like ducks to water. Or in this case, sailors to water. 

I had battened down our hatches (secured the inside of the boat) so well that we

actually looked like we know what we’re doing!

We left out around 13:00 and soon put the shore behind us, chasing a cold winter wind into Galveston Bay singing sea shanties at the top of our lungs.

“Soon may the Wellerman come, to bring us sugar and tea and rum”

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Eulalia sails again

A successful first voyage of 2021

Joe looks good with the wind in his hair, the sun in his face, the shore behind and the sea ahead.

We had good wind, not too much and just enough. Even though we still had our second reef in from over a year ago. 

Mousse didn’t care for the temperature but made for a nice little warmer in my hoodie.  Eleanor even hopped up on the cockpit seat, although I don’t think

she realized we were sailing yet.  Eulalia’s first voyage of 2021 was a success and the captain and I have vowed to sail as much as we can this year.  The winds of change are coming.

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