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Bree’s next character for Dungeons & Dragons

Surarsk: A Homebrew World by Joe

It is time for a new campaign, and with it, a new character.

Welcome to Surarsk: a new world beyond the reaches of Faerun. A wilderness on the western continent of Anchorome where the law is what the people make it in the moment.


Wihakayda “Kayda” Walker

A native Maztican Elf from Surarsk who is learning the bardic dancing art of her native peoples, the magic-dancers: the Tletl Mauhtica.


Chaotic Neutral

“If everyone’s destination is the same, might as well enjoy the ride.”


Fair Game

“Life’s too short to not be having a good time. I manipulate people to get what I want.”


Grace & Control

“What, like it’s hard? I settle for nothing less than perfection. And I do it with a smile.”


All Eyes On Me

“If you want to shine like the sun; first you must burn like the sun.”

Hips Don’t Lie

Chauntean Missionaries rescued me from being sacrificed by the Mazticans where I was born an “extra child”. The well-meaning Chaunteans named me Wihakayda, thinking it meant “Saved” when in fact, in Maztican it means: “Sacrifice”.  I grew up in a Juascan Tribe friendly to Chauntea’s Faithful where the Chauntean Missionaries left me when they died. I was raised sort of in concert between the Juascan culture and the Chauntean Missionaries. 

One day I was taken back into the jungle with the Chauntean Missionaries to attempt to convert the Mazticans again. Here I was introduced to the dancers of the Tletl Mauhtica and I realized that this dance was IN me. I had to learn it. I decided to stay with the Mazticans to learn the ways of the Tletl Mauhtica, though I never fully fit in. I’ve never fit in, so I just don’t try. 

I stand out.

Kayda Art

Blue skin. Auburn hair with red streaks; usually braided into many strands. Teal eyes. Long ears. Gypsy-chique clothing. Cocky expression.







Dancing Bard: “Let’s Get Physical”

The Sacrifice:

The Maztican Elf Tribe where I was born is strict about population control, ensuring that their limited resources are enough to go around in the harsh jungle.  Households are allowed 2 children, one of each gender. Extra children become “wihakayda” or “the sacrifice” and are offered up to ensure continued prosperity for the tribe. I was an extra child.

The Dancer:

As their “lanu moana” I was taken once into the jungle to attempt to be the poster child of how Chauntea could “save” the Mazticans. But while I was there, I witnessed the sacred dancers of the Mazticans: the Tletl Mauhtica; and I knew I had to learn their ways. I suddenly felt stolen away from where I was meant to be: a Maztican.  I chose to stay with the tribe to learn how to dance. Here I learned what “Wihakayda” actually means and what I was really meant to be: dead. I left the Mazticans feeling confused.

The Blue Child:

Missionaries of Chauntea had been attempting to reach and convert the unfriendly Maztican jungle tribe where I was to be sacrificed. The Missionaries did not want to see a sacrifice and so they took me, calling me Wihakayda thinking it meant “Saved”.  My name seemed to make the Juascans uncomfortable, they called me Kayda. Being longer-lived than the human missionaries and Juascans, I grew up as the “lanu moana”, Blue Child, of the Juascan People who were welcoming of the Chauntean missionaries.
I grew up among the Juascan and Chaunteans as sort of their blue mascot.

The Sacred One:

But the dance was in me now, and I left to go “find myself” in the big city of Brol Surarsk, dancing my way through. I wanted to forget Chauntean Kidnappers and Maztican Sacrificers alike. When I danced, people seemed to do what I wanted.  I didn’t know it then, but this made me a threat to the Tletl Mauhtica. I wasn’t just a dancer of the Tletl Mauhtica. I was what they considered a “Mauhtican” or “Sacred One”, those of the Tletl Mauhtica who could produce magic when they danced.   And when I danced, magic happened.

Wihakayda “Kayda” Walker

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