Sign of the Gypsy Queen


Rocking like april wine and possibly a hurricane…

Here I am…

Rock you like a hurricane…

As Laura barrels her way towards the TX Gulf Coast, Joe and I make preparations for impact.  With general uncertainty of where exactly Laura will make landfall, we go through all the steps to prepare Eulalia and ourselves for a major hurricane.

Joe lashes the main sail and doubles up on dock lines.  I nerd out over 80s Hair Metal.

Rocking the boat


We lashed the main sail down and tied it off to our center console in the cockpit.

We removed the jib and stored it in the V-berth.

DOck lines

We retied our dock lines and doubled each of them.

BImini & covers

We removed the bimini and all of the covers so that they would not blow away or create lift.  We did leave the dodger up.

Water and power

We filled all three water tanks, but have decided to stay connected to shore water and power for now. Hopefully we will not need to disconnect.

“Ridin’ The Storm Out”

Despite the above nod to REO Speedwagon, the Scorpions and April Wine are the current soundtrack of our mission. Though I did feel like throwing in Europe’s “Final Countdown” as we were getting closer to our preparations being complete and Joe was preparing to make our Hurricane beverages. ?

Our Current Soundtrack

Keeping a Weather Eye

Welp, it’s storm season and living on a sailboat does not make us immune to the dangers that hurricanes potentially pose.

We continue to keep a weather-eye on the storms moving through the Gulf and have begun to batton down our hatches.

If Laura or other storms build into Cat 4 or greater hurricanes, we have to face the very real possibility that we will have to leave secure Eulalia and then head for higher ground.

Our biggest threat, living aboard a sailboat, is wind. Flooding doesn’t pose so much of a risk when you live on a boat.  150+ mph wind however doesn’t sound like so much fun.


We continue to monitor local storms and follow our favorite Weather Service for the most accurate and hype-free forecast updates:

Our Preparation Checklist:

? Fill extra water tank

? Non-Perishable Food for 3 days

? Perishable Food for 5 days

? Move kayaks into storage

? Remove and store jib

Lash down main

Double up and insulate lines

? Fill water tanks (3)

? Clear cockpit

Remove bimini & secure dodger

Secure interior items

? Remove hatch covers

? Get more propane

Restock Ditch Bag

? Restock Champagne

? Make sure we have supplies to make Hurricanes ?

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